Warm wax

Full leg                                            £22.00
Full leg and bikini line                     £27.00
Half leg                                           £15.00
Bikini line                                        £10.00
Underarms / back of thigh              £9.00 each
Upper lip/chin/eyebrows                 £7.00 each


A progressive hair removal technique using sterile, disposable needles.

5mins                              £6.00
10mins                            £10.00
15mins                            £14.00
30mins                            £22.00



Mini facial

45mins                       £21.00

A facial for skin with no specific problems. Includes a facial steam treatment.
(No facial massage)


Basic facial
60mins                       £30.00

As the mini facial but including a facial massage.


Dermatone facial
60mins                       £40.00

A galvanic and high frequency treatment to improve the condition of the skin. This treatment has a deep cleansing, oxygenating and anti bacterial action.


Dermatone eye treatment
30mins                       £25.00

Helps to reduce fine lines, puffiness and daek circles.


Dermatone facial with eye treatment

70mins                       £48.00
Combines the Dermatone facial and Dermatone eye treatment.


Tinting and perming

Eyelash tint                    £10.00
Eyebrow tint                   £7.00
Eyelash perming            £21.00

Semi permanent eyelash extensions

Semi permanent eyelash extensions give definition to your natural eyelashes by creating longer, thicker lashes. The treatment is very relaxing and your new eyelahes will be comfortable to wear, just like your own.
To maintain your new eyelashes, it is recomended to have a maintenance treatment approx every 2-3 weeks.

Full set                                £60.00

Infills                                    £22.00

******A skin test is required 24/48hrs prior to any tinting, perming or eyelash extension treatment******



Full body masssage             60mins  £35.00

Back massage                      30mins £20.00


Manicure                                £17.00
Pedicure                                 £21.00
File and polish                        £10.00

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